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What's Your Sign? Jewelry - Inspired by the energy of the cosmos, handcrafted, captivating collections rooted

in meaning and symbolism. In the words of President/Head Designer, Deirdre Hanrahan, “Each of WYSJ

sculptural creations are intimate, daily reminders of peace and our eternal connection to the universe.” 

Explore each of our collections until you find the one that represents you the best. Each collection

incorporates the finest gemstones, diamonds and precious metals to ensure that no matter from

which collection you choose ... your collection of WYS Jewelry will be one passed on to generations.


WYS? Jewelry, fine jewelry inspired by the radiance of the universe we live in. Individual pieces are

offered in renditions of either recycled anti tarnish sterling silver or 14kt/18kt gold with socially responsibly

mined precious and/or semi-precious gemstones. WYS? Jewelry will always continue to honor and

protect our planet for future generations.

Peace | Energy | Beauty

Deirdre Hanrahan, President
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